Lantern Jack Totem

“Locals have been known to hang an effigy of Lantern Jack outside of their homes during the Halloween season as an amulet of protection. These “effigies” resemble a primitive doll with a crudely carved pumpkin for a head.”
– from “The Legend of Lantern Jack”

Protect your home from and show your devotion to the pumpkin faced revenant with your very own Lantern Jack Totem!

Each Lantern Jack Totem is 100% handmade and unique with a body made from sticks sourced from Monmouth Battlefield where “Lantern” Jack Halloway lost his life in 1778. The pumpkin head and candy corn pectoral charm are cast in solid resin and individually hand painted. Black burlap and jute cord make up the rest of this festive doll.

Each measures approx 12″ x 10″

$100 +shipping

Due to the completely handmade nature of this item, please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery