“Arkham Cthulhu Idols”

“Idols of the Great Old One have been discovered in and around Arkham, Massachusetts for centuries. Some made by unknown intelligences and others fashioned by gibbering madman behind the walls of the town’s sanitarium. All of these loathsome carvings have been housed at Miskatonic University’s Special Collections Department and are rarely shown. Today, you are being given a rare glimpse at a trio of such idols discovered in 1926. Each is of identical design but made from different stone types.
The grayish idol is known to come from nearby Kingsport after analysis of the familiar striations in the granite composition.The reddish sandstone idol is consistent with structural accounts from the “Peaslee Incident” while the green idol is known to correspond to other specimens in the collection that have affiliations with documented cult activity in the South Pacific.
The origin and creator of these idols remains unknown.” – Prof. H. Armitage


Each cast in solid resin and individually hand painted. Measures 5″ x 2″ x 2″

$50 each +shipping or $120 for the set of 3

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