Cryptocurium is proud to present a new subscription service for folks who are fans of  limited edition figurines and toys! Cryptocasts is a “figure of the month” club where each month you’ll receive a new, exclusive figurine bagged and tagged with a custom topper!

Cryptocasts comes from my love of 80’s action figures, Japanese vinyl toys, oddball vending machine prizes and the random rubber monster finger puppet you’d find in the bottom of your trick or treat bag!

The figurines in this line will explore a wide variety of themes including: Halloween, Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos, 80’s Slashers, Cryptids and Folklore, Yokai, Classic Monsters and maybe even some Dinosaurs!


February 2022 – June 2022


We’ve voyaged through Hell for over a year together, so we thought a lighthearted break was in need! Get ready for five months devoted to those nostalgic breakfast mascots we all know and love! This is a series of five exclusive figures along with five Cryptocasts we know you’re going to eat right up! *hint hint*

Subscriptions will only be open until January 31st! That’s right, it’s an all or nothing situation this go around. After the 31st subscriptions will close and will not open until our next long theme begins in June of this year. This applies to cancellations as well. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS!



If you’d like to subscribe, please read the following, and then click the button at the bottom of this page!

1. Cryptocasts subscriptions are available in the United States ONLY. Sorry!

2. Subscriptions are handled via Paypal. If you don’t have an account, it’s very easy to make one!

3. Cryptocasts will be shipped to the address listed on your Paypal account. If you need to change your shipping address, or if you’d like for your Cryptocasts to be shipped to someone else, simply email me at

4. You will be automatically billed $25 every month. (Yes, that price includes shipping.) If you subscribe today, you’ll pay today, and then again in exactly one month. For as long as you remain subscribed, you’ll continue to receive Cryptocasts!

5. You can cancel at anytime. (You could subscribe today and cancel today!) If you cancel after you’ve already been charged for the following month’s Cryptocasts, you’ll of course receive it just the same as any current subscriber would. (You can cancel via Paypal, or by emailing me.)