Enrollment is now closed.

The Miskatonic University Special Collections Department houses the University’s most unique and rarely seen items and has remained off limits…until now!

Individuals who join the Cryptocurium Inner Sanctum will effectively be “enrolled” at Miskatonic University and given access to its Special Collections Department.

What does this mean? Depending on your level of enrollment, you’ll receive a number of mailings that include never before seen items from Miskatonic University’s past expeditions for you to study and examine. Also included are “graven images”; artwork created by Arkham Sanitarium patients that have been “inspired” by the Cthulhu Mythos.

There are three levels of enrollment: Student, Professor and Emeritus. Each level comes with its own perks and include the following:


Membership Card with the “Sigil of Cthulhu”Official Membership Pin – Proof that you’re a member in good standing for the year of 2020! “Sigil of Cthulhu” pins are cast in brushed enamel with two pin pegs. (Measures 2″)Acceptance Letter – A personalized letter from the Director of the Miskatonic Special Collections Department welcoming you to the staff. (Text will differ for each member)

“Totem of the Dreamer” – “Discovered among the belongings of an unnamed patient of the Arkham Sanitarium, the “Totem of the Dreamer” was said to have been carved from the bone of a Night-Gaunt and would permit the one who possessed it entry into the Dreamlands…but at a terrible price.” Includes investigation case file.

Cast in solid resin and individually hand painted. (Stands 4.5″ tall)“Cthulhu Rises” Graven Image – Great Cthulhu awakens from his aeons long slumber in this eldritch image by Joe Keinberger. High quality 5 x 7 print

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Details on access to member’s only items and giveaways will be announced in the coming weeks!

$100 (Ships May 2020)




All items from the Student level

Certificate of Appointment – You are given an official teaching position at Miskatonic University with a title! No two are the same! (ex. Professor of Occult Lore) “The Dunwich Horror” Graven Image – The horrific “Other Whateley Brother” is envisioned in grotesque living color by Brandon Zimmerman. High quality 8 x 10 print. “The Yuggoth Stele” – “A stone artifact carved from an unidentified black stone depicting a “Mi-Go” or “Old One”. Recovered by Prof. A. Wilmarth at an undisclosed location in Vermont in the latter half of 1928. According to Wilmarth’s notes, the piece was created on the planet “Yuggoth” and is somehow involved with astronomical navigation. Stone does not correspond to any known terrestrial material”. Includes investigation case file.

Comes ready to display in red velvet lined black shadow box with a catalog letter from the Miskatonic University Special Collections Department. (Frame measures 9″ x 11″)

$200 (Ships July 2020)

All items from the Student and Professor levels

“The Haunter of the Dark” Graven Image – Alan Brown brings us this incredible image inspired by the last great Cthulhu Mythos tale. High quality 8 x 10 print

“The Throne of Azathoth” – “Discovered  during excavations in the ruined city of Herculaneum in 1927, this three-piece shrine idol depicts Azathoth, the “Daemon Sultan” that exists at the center of ultimate chaos with two of his “Pipers” keeping him in an eternal slumber, lest he awaken and negate all existence.”

Cast in solid resin and individually hand painted. (Azathoth stands 8″. Pipers stand 3.5″)


$300 (Ships August 2020)