Open enrollment for the Cryptocurium Inner Sanctum begins Friday, January 24th. Below is a sneak preview of what’s to come!

The Miskatonic University Special Collections Department houses the University’s most unique and rarely seen items and has remained off limits…until now!

Individuals who join the Cryptocurium Inner Sanctum will effectively be “enrolled” at Miskatonic University and given access to its Special Collections Department.

What does this mean? Depending on your level of enrollment, you’ll receive a number of mailings that include never before seen items from Miskatonic University’s past expeditions for you to study and examine. Also included are “graven images”; artwork created by Arkham Sanitarium patients that have been “inspired” by the Cthulhu Mythos.

There are three levels of enrollment: Student, Professor and Emeritus. Each level comes with its own perks and include the following:

– Membership Card/Student ID
– Acceptance Letter
– Secret Membership Pin -“Sigil of Cthulhu”
– “Totem of the Dreamer” w/ case file
– “Cthulhu Rises” Graven Image by Joe Keinberger
– 10% off the Cryptocurium Etsy store for 2020
– Access to member’s only items and giveaways

$100 (Ships April 2020)

“Cthulhu Rises”

– All items from the Student level.
– Letter of Appointment – You are given an official teaching position at Miskatonic University with a title. (ex. Professor of Occult Lore)
– Undisclosed “Graven Image”
– “The Yuggoth Stele” – “A stone artifact carved from an unidentified black stone depicting a “Mi-Go” or “Old One”. Recovered by Prof. A. Wilmarth at an undisclosed location in Vermont in the latter half of 1928. According to Wilmarth’s notes, the piece was created on the planet “Yuggoth” and is somehow involved with astronomical navigation. Stone does not correspond to any known terrestrial material”.

Comes ready to display in red velvet lined black shadow box with a catalog letter from the Miskatonic University Special Collections Department. (Frame measures 9″ x 11″)

$200 (Ships June 2020)

“Yuggoth Stele”

– All items from the Student and Professor levels
– “Full Disclosure” – A sealed letter detailing the mysterious and possibly nefarious origins of Miskatonic University.
– Undisclosed “Graven Image”
– Undisclosed “Mythos Artifact”
– Access to discontinued items
$300 (Ships August 2020)

Full reveal coming Friday, January 24th!

Enrollment will close March 27th.