Father of Serpents Medallion

Father of Serpents Medallion

“Yig was a great god. He was bad medicine. He did not forget things. In the autumn his children were hungry and wild, and Yig was hungry and wild, too.” – The Curse of Yig, H.P. Lovecraft

Yig’s chief trait was a relentless devotion to his children and those who were unfortunate or foolish enough to have harmed his serpentine progeny were cursed to a fate worse than death. These poor souls sought out protection from Yig’s wrath in the form of protective charms from Native American tribes who had long known of Yig’s power. Most notable among these charms  was the “Father of Serpents Medallion”.

The “Father of Serpent Medallion” was known to have two functions: The ability to protect when made from jade and the ability to curse when made with vermilion which reflected the positive and negative aspects of Yig.


Each “Father of Serpents Medallion” is hand-cast in solid resin and is available in two finishes:Jade or Vermilion. Please specify when ordering.Comes ready to wear or hang on a black leather cord. (Measures 3″ across)

Each Medallion is also accompanied with a specific spell that is said to activate its power. Jade comes with a spell of protection and Vermilion comes with a curse of destruction. (Each measures 4″ x 6″ and is printed on heavy card stock.)

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