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  •            Cryptocurium is a one man operation. Please take into consideration that all of the items sold through this website are all handmade by me for each order. I do not keep stock! I’m also the one packing up and shipping everything, so please be patient!

  •           Please be aware of the 6-8 week waiting period on ALL of our items. This is due to the high amount of  orders I receive coupled with the time it takes to produce quality pieces of artwork for you to enjoy!

  •           I ship via the USPS and I ship out on Mondays and Fridays. Please be aware that international orders take a little longer than domestic orders to arrive.

  •           I get a ton of emails! Sometimes it can take a day or two to respond. Hang in there; I will get back to you!

  •         Because each item is custom made for each order I do not accept returns. Please look at the photos and read the description of each item before you order.

  •          Please do not recast my items and attempt to sell them.  I really don’t appreciate it and I will take action.

  •          I do not sell molds of my sculptures.

  •           If you have a question please direct it to my email I don’t always see messages sent to Cryptocurium’s Facebook or Twitter page.

  •            Please contact me before opening a dispute with PayPal! If you haven’t received your item yet it is either in production or in the USPS pipeline somewhere. I will quickly and happily resolve any issues but unreasonable and belligerent individuals will be refused further business from Cryptocurium. Seriously.

  •           You will receive a confirmation email from Paypal when you place your order and another with a tracking number when your order ships. Unfortunately, detailed tracking is not available on international orders.

  •           I accept Paypal only. Please do not mail me checks or money orders with a list of items you would like to order.  I will send it back.

  •          I reserve the right to refuse business at any time. If I do it’s probably because you were rude.

  •          All sales are final

  •           I assume no responsibility for the mind-shattering insanity that may be caused by owning one of my items!


A big thank you to each and every one of you who has purchased something from me, I truly appreciate your business and hope you enjoy your item as much as I enjoyed making it! -Jason