“Death” – My personal interpretation of the figure of Death. Clad in drapery and a medieval style hood, skeletal Death grips a bronze lantern from which a sickly green light issues forth. Death need not carry a scythe as his arrival is inevitable and undeniable.

To some, Death is the frightful end, but to others, Death comes as a welcome friend who offers rest to the weary.’ (Stands 6.5″)

Available in three colorways: Black Death, Pale Death and Decayed Ivory

$60 each

“Ataraxia” – A double-sided piece depicting skeletons holding traditional images associated with death. One side holds an hourglass while the other holds a freshly cut lily. Beauty is fleeting but the peace of death is endless. (Stands 5″)

Available in two colorways: Aged Bone and Weathered Stone

$75 each

“Tempus Fugit” – Time flies! The old admonition that every moment that passes brings you one step closer to death, so don’t waste it!

Usually depicted as just an hourglass with wings but I decided to incorporate a skull to the design to add to the gravitas. (Measures 1 foot across)
Cast in solid black resin and hand painted in a patina finish. Comes ready to display with attached metal latch.

$100 each

“Skulls” – The classic symbol of death and a suitable way to add a touch of mortality to your desk, shelf or EDC. Cast in a variety of colorways and rubs and sold blind bag style.

$10 each or 5 for $40.

PLEASE NOTE: Every piece purchased from the “Memento Mori” collection will include a FREE skull. (Purchase one piece, get one skull. Purchase three pieces, get three skulls) Purchasing additional skulls will add to the free ones that you will already be receiving for making a purchase. Purchasing just skulls will not get you any free skulls.

“Death’s Bounty” – Want the entire collection? Purchase it all for a discounted price and feel like you just cheated Death! (Includes all three main pieces plus 8 Skulls)


The first 25 customers to make a purchase from the “Memento Mori” collection will also receive a FREE skull linocut made by yours truly. Hand printed on handmade Lokta card stock paper with deckle edge. (5 x 7) Signed and numbered.