“It was said that the veil between this world and the next was at its thinnest on the night of All Hallows Eve.”



Welcome to the Order of the Thinned Veil!

   We are a society of like-minded individuals who choose to live our lives steeped in the legends, lore and customs of Halloween. What does that mean? Well, for us Halloween is anything but just a day in October, it is a lifestyle and a lens by which we view the world around us.

The Order of the Thinned Veil is a tiered style of membership for the year. There are three levels of membership and each has it’s own set of perks such as exclusive artwork, a newsletter, certificates, contests and invitations to special events!   

 Members will occasionally have access to exclusive items available ONLY to current Order of the Thinned Veil members.

Options for membership are as follows and are a ONE TIME FEE. This is NOT a recurring monthly subscription. Once you sign up, you’re a member for the year of 2022!

Just a to clarify a few points:

  • The Order of the Thinned Veil is meant to be a year long Halloween experience. If you order at the All Hallows level for example, you’ll be receiving multiple shipments throughout the year, not everything all at once.  Candy Corn levels will all ship out together first in June, followed by Trick or Treat in Early Summer and All Hallows in Early Fall. This was always the original conception and may not have been clear last year. Halloween should be celebrated all year long!

  • Members only events are NOT considered as part of the price of the membership packages. The items included in the membership packages ARE the membership packages. The events are just an extra added bonus for folks who happen to to live in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area.  Jason and Sam would be celebrating Halloween anyway and extend the invitation to any member able to attend.

  • Memberships are for the calendar year of 2022. Whether you sign up today or in six months, all memberships expire on December 31st.

  • You can upgrade your membership level at any time! Just shoot us an email at theorderofthethinnedveil@gmail.com and we’ll take care of it.

Welcome to year number six of the Order of the Thinned Veil!

Another weird and tumultuous year is upon us but like all October people, we look for that pinhole of light in the ocean of darkness. We hope that as always, this years offerings brings the warm glow of Halloween into your hearts!

Memberships close Friday, May 13th!


Candy Corn Level

The Candy Corn level is our basic membership package and includes the following:

“All Hallows Apparition” Wall Plaque by Jason McKittrick –  Most don’t realize that a Jack O’Lantern is in fact a death’s head. With the hollow eyes, the triangle hole for a nose and wide, nearly toothless grin, the similarities with a skull are undeniable. The Jack O’Lantern then is a “memento mori” or a reminder that you will die but the light lit within promises of a life hereafter. This green grinning ghoul points out the similarity by holding a Jack O’Lantern up to its frightful face. Cast in black resin and individually hand painted. Comes ready to display with attached metal latch. (Measures 6.5″ long)

“Distrust of Cats on Halloween Night” 5”x7” Digital Print by Sam Heimer- A piece based on the fear inducing vision of body-less eyes at night and the possibilities of what might be housing those orbs. Probably cats, right?

OTV Enamel Membership Pin – The official seal of the Order of the Thinned Veil for 2022 and symbol of membership. This year Sam has come up with an infernal design to mark our 666th year! (This is just the art, pins are currently in production and will go out with the first shipment.)

2022 Welcome Letter – Lisa Morton, author of The Halloween Encyclopedia,Trick Or Treat: A History of Halloween and Ghosts: A Haunted History, returns once again this year with an artfully crafted welcome letter about the history of Halloween music for 2022. (If you don’t already own them, Lisa’s books are required reading for any OTV member!)

Order of the Thinned Veil Membership Certificate – Proof that you’re a card carrying member in the OTV for 2022! Hand inscribed and signed by founders Jason McKittrick and Sam Heimer. Comes in a midnight black envelope with an orange Jack O’Lantern emblazoned wax seal.

“The Legend of Lantern Jack” – An original tale by Jason McKittrick. This short story is the basis for most of the artwork produced by the Order of the Thinned Veil.

*The Candy Corn Membership Package is 1 shipment.*



Trick or Treat Level

The Trick or Treat Level is our mid-range membership package and includes: All items from Candy Corn Level plus the items listed below!

“Mischief Night Musicians” by Jason McKittrick–  “We’ve all heard of or perhaps even participated in Mischief Night antics. The night before Halloween is filled with an energy not unlike an approaching storm and the dark magic of Halloween has a way of leaking out prematurely. Toilet paper strewn trees, smashed eggs on houses and the occasional destruction of property all mark this night of adolescent devilry. But where did it all come from?

For true devotees of All Hallows, Mischief Night is a much different experience. It is the night of the Convocation of the Gourd and only those who are called may attend this sacred gathering. As the moon rises, a distant music, only heard by true believers, can be heard in the distance, which grows in volume as the moon climbs higher into the night sky. Before long a group of Jacklings with various musical instruments marches by while playing a tune of an otherworldly and indefinable quality. This tune calls to the innermost reaches of the listeners heart and beckons them to follow with memories of Halloween’s past. Soon others join the motley parade as they follow these pumpkin headed player’s melodies through the autumn night air to a destination whispered about around autumn bonfires.” (Story continued in the Resurrection of Lantern Jack)

Cast in solid orange resin with purple acrylic rub. (Each stands 4.25″)

“When All the Lights Have Gone, Light Lanterns” Print by Sam Heimer- 8”x10” digital print with GITD overprinting on heavy coated stock. PLEASE NOTE: this is a mockup. The final product may look slightly different as it is being hand screen-printed. Inspired by the momentary excitement that is lighting and placing a candle into a carved gourd, to be rewarded by the glowing face, and while carved by your own hands, the end result when lighted is always a surprise.

*The Trick or Treat Membership Package is broken up into 2 separate shipments.*



All Hallows Level
The All Hallows Level is one of our top-tier membership option and includes all items from Candy Corn and Trick or Treat Levels plus the items listed below!

“The Resurrection of Lantern Jack” – by Jason McKittrick  Those whole follow the nightly parade of the Mischief Night Musicians are brought to a secret pumpkin patch set within an ancient grove of oak trees with fiery red leaves. It is here that the Convocation of the Gourd occurs and the Resurrection of Lantern Jack takes place at the stroke of midnight every Halloween eve.

When the clock moves closer to twelve, those in attendance gather around the pumpkin patch and with the help of the musical Jacklings fill the air with melodies that imbue the patch with arcane and mysterious magic. In the seconds before twelve, the leaves begin to swirl and at the very instant of the stroke of midnight  the form of Lantern Jack arises from amidst the multitude of pumpkins at the center of the patch. Veiled in a white tattered robe believed to be his burial shroud, Lantern Jack takes his first breath of the life giving air of All Hallows. Halloween has now come and Lantern Jack leads the grand celebration that includes select humans, witches, Jacklings, bogies and the like, through revelry that lasts until the witching hour has concluded.

Now with the fire of All Hallows burning brightly in their hearts, all in attendance scatter to spread the spirit of Halloween where it is required most.”

Cast in solid black resin and individually hand painted. Lantern Jack is depicted as he rises from his yearly slumber to preside over the Halloween ceremonies. (Stands 8 inches tall)

“Gauntlet 2” 8”x10” Giclee Print by Sam Heimer  Signed and Numbered. A reminder that no matter how sparse the landscape, empty the streets, we are never really alone. Every dark corner, every empty chair, every darkened window and lonely attic holds eyes that never stop watching. And they glow just a little brighter come October.


The Order of the Thinned Veil Title- Jason and Sam will bestow upon you a personalized title within the Order. No two are the same! (If you are a returning member you may keep your title from last year or you can request a new one.)

*The All Hallows Membership Package is broken up into three separate shipments.*


Jack O’Lantern Level

The Jack O’Lantern level is an exclusive platinum tier membership and is limited to ONLY 31 slots! It includes all items mentioned above plus the following:

“Haunted Candle” by Jason McKittrick –It is said that the spirits of the dead are at their most restless on Halloween night. A centuries old folk tale that endures to this day states that a lit candle on Halloween night draws these troubled specters in and their faces can be seen in the melting wax and even in the flame itself. A warning is issued however. If the flame is not extinguished before midnight when the thinned veil falls once more, the spirits may be trapped in the home and will haunt the inhabitants until the next Halloween and the flame lit again.”

Cast in glow in the dark orange and blue-green resin with acrylic rubs. (Stands 7.25 inches)

“Three on a Match” 8”x10” Giclee Print by Sam Heimer  Signed and Numbered. Named for the superstition later to be found to be manufactured, this piece is inspired by the lore that we’ll never really know the true nature or progeny of till the veil is lifted. Do not be stingy with your landfall, be it candy in a Star Wars pillowcase or a red-tipped match that will ignite a freshly carved pumpkin. One match. One candle. One Jack O’ Lantern. Give the ritual the time and touch it deserves. While that small box of tipped tinder may have insignificant cost and merit little meditation, when you find yourself crossing an unfamiliar threshold into the darkness, those miniature torches will be worth all the gold in Charon’s pockets. And if you want to find this out just a little faster, go ahead and light those three candles with one match. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.





If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at theorderofthethinnedveil@gmail.com

Jason McKittrick & Sam Heimer