“It was said that the veil between this world and the next was at its thinnest on the night of All Hallows Eve.”


Welcome to the Order of the Thinned Veil!

   We are a society of like-minded individuals who choose to live our lives steeped in the legends, lore and customs of Halloween. What does that mean? Well, for us Halloween is anything but just a day in October, it is a lifestyle and a lens by which we view the world around us.

The Order of the Thinned Veil is a tiered style of membership for the year. There are three levels of membership and each has it’s own set of perks such as exclusive artwork, a newsletter, certificates, contests and invitations to special events!   

 Members will also have access to exclusive items available ONLY to current Order of the Thinned Veil members.

 Additionally,  members will engage in the cermonial planting of their own pumpkins to eventually carve into Jack O’Lanterns with included seeds. This will be an OTV community event!  

Options for membership are as follows and are a ONE TIME FEE. This is NOT a recurring monthly subscription. Once you sign up, you’re a member for the year of 2020!

Just a to clarify a few points:

  • The Order of the Thinned Veil is meant to be a year long Halloween experience. If you order at the All Hallows level for example, you’ll be receiving multiple shipments throughout the year, not everything all at once.  Candy Corn levels will all ship out together first in June, followed by Trick or Treat in Early Summer and All Hallows in Early Fall. This was always the original conception and may not have been clear last year. Halloween should be celebrated all year long!

  • Members only events are NOT considered as part of the price of the membership packages. The items included in the membership packages ARE the membership packages. The events are just an extra added bonus for folks who happen to to live in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area.  Jason and Sam would be celebrating Halloween anyway and extend the invitation to any member able to attend.

  • Memberships are for the calendar year of 2020. Whether you sign up today or in six months, all memberships expire on December 31st.

  • You can upgrade your membership level at any time! Just shoot us an email at theorderofthethinnedveil@gmail.com and we’ll take care of it.

Welcome to Year Four of The Order of the Thinned Veil

   We find ourselves in uncertain times but we hope to offer some comfort and distraction in the form of the warm glow of a freshly carved Jack O’Lantern!

   We’ve got a couple of new things going on this year with the memberships. First, we’re limiting the open time for memberships to June 1st. This is to help streamline the production and shipping process. While we seriously appreciate it, a slew of new members in September and October just isn’t feasible anymore as our number of yearly members grows. Secondly, we’ve added a super exclusive “Jack O’Lantern Level” membership tier. It’s limited to only 13 slots and has some pretty awesome perks. Read on to see what year four has in store and, as always, we sincerely thank you all in advance for your continued support of our shared Halloween endeavor!

– Jason & Sam

Candy Corn Level

The Candy Corn level is our basic membership package and includes the following:

“The Nightwatchman” Wall Plaque by Jason McKittrick – The owl was once closely related with Halloween but in recent years has become a more generic symbol. This piece recalls the German die-cut decorations of the early 20’s and 30’s when the owl was seen as an imposing nighttime sentinel whose unblinking gaze frightened young trick or treaters while they ran door to door collecting sweets. The owl is perched atop a ghost white Jack O’Lantern to show that in fact, these carved gourds were always meant as a ”memento mori” or a reminder of death. Cast in solid resin and individually hand painted. Ready to display with attached metal latch. (Measures 6″ tall)

“Candy Corn Cometh” by Sam Heimer – Most believe Candy Corn, then known as ‘Chicken Feed’ to be invented in the 1880s by a Wunderlee Candy Company employee named George Renninger. While we won’t dispute that Candy Corn hails from Philadelphia, much like the inception of OTV, we have it on good authority that Renninger was inspired by a little known Pennsylvania Dutch Lefidde about a farmer bargaining for a devils horn to ensure a good harvest, only to be cursed with bushel after bushel of tri-colored corn. 5″x7″ digital print on heavy card-stock

OTV Enamel Membership PinThe official seal of the Order of the Thinned Veil for 2019 and symbol of membership. (Pin shown in picture above is a mock up. Actual pin is soft enamel and slightly smaller.)

2020 Welcome Letter – Lisa Morton, author of The Halloween Encyclopedia,Trick Or Treat: A History of Halloween and Ghosts: A Haunted History, returns again this year with an artfully crafted welcome letter about the history of Trick or Treating for 2020. (If you don’t already own them, Lisa’s books are required reading for any OTV member!)

Order of the Thinned Veil Membership Certificate – Proof that you’re a card carrying member in the OTV for 2020! Hand inscribed and signed by founders Jason McKittrick and Sam Heimer. Comes in a midnight black envelope with an orange Jack O’Lantern emblazoned wax seal.

“The Legend of Lantern Jack” – An original tale by Jason McKittrick. This short story is the basis for most of the artwork produced by the Order of the Thinned Veil.

Pumpkin Seeds – Pumpkin Seeds with included Order of the Thinned Veil drawstring bag. Includes instructions for planting. This is the most intimate way to be invlolved in the celebration of Halloween. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement for when to plant your seeds!

*The Candy Corn Membership Package is 1 shipment.*


Trick or Treat Level

The Trick or Treat Level is our mid-range membership package and includes all items from Candy Corn Level plus the items listed below:

“One For You…” by Sam Heimer– It’s rare everybody celebrates. Celebration, even on it’s most grand and elaborate scale, is dolled out one at a time, to Nations, Religions, Forgotten Wars and Heroes, standing in line, waiting for their turn, their sacred day, and cry foul should they touch or bleed into each other. Occasionally they are rooted in remembering the fallen, but more often than not, they’re Celebrations for the living. OR Celebrations for the dead alone. Halloween is that rare, all inclusive Celebration. A celebration of life and death as it hangs in the balance from a harvest scale. The lines blur, the veil is lifted, and we are all together. This illustration is a reminder that we ALL celebrate. 8″ x 10″ digital print on heavy card-stock

“Trick or Treaters” 3-Pack by Jason McKittrick – Three of the classic archetypes of Halloween are represented in this set of Trick or Treater figures! Each features a unique head sculpt and pumpkin pail on a shared body form inspired by the cheap but charming mass produced candy containers and toys from Halloween’s past. Cast in solid colored resin with black acrylic rub. These are the beginning of an ongoing series! (Trick or Treat level members receive Jack, Witch and Cat.) Each measures 4″ tall.

*The Trick or Treat Membership Package is broken up into 2 separate shipments.*


All Hallows Level

The full Order of the Thinned Veil experience! The All Hallows Level is our top-tier membership option and includes all items from Candy Corn and Trick or Treat Levels plus the items listed below!

“Lantern Jack Trick or Treat Lamp by Jason McKittrick – Inspired by classic Halloween blow molds, this festive light features a two-sided design displaying the dual-sided nature of Lantern Jack and Halloween. The “Treat” side features a jolly and neatly uniformed Lantern Jack, grinning warmly with a slew of beaming pumpkins before him and his tombstone. The “Trick” side, however exhibits the darker side of Jack, his warm grin replaced by a devious hacksaw smile with a tattered uniform and a retinue of ghoulish skulls among his writhing tendril roots. A must have for fans and collectors of vintage Halloween blow molds!
Cast in semi translucent orange resin with embedded “warm” LED lights and hand painted black accents. Lamp has a cord and switch with easily replaceable batteries. LED bulb life is 10,000 hours. (Measures 9″ tall)

“All Hallows Atlas” by Sam Heimer – “ Death starts each year striding from town to town, almost weightless, unburdened, save for a small Jackolantern. As the seasons change and time marches towards Halloween, that carved gourd swells with collected souls, growing heavier, glowing brighter, hotter. Much like the posture of a person as they travel through life, a vibrant youth to a cane supported elder, Death is slowly bent by the weight of the gourd, crooked and hobbling come fall, and by October 31st, the weight is so tremendous, for one day, Death is pinned to the dirt, and with the drawing down of Death comes the drawing UP of the veil.” 8’x10” Giclee Print on MOAB archival, acid-free, 100% cotton stock. Signed and numbered

“Trick or Treaters” 5-Pack by Jason McKittrick – Five of the classic archetypes of Halloween are represented in this set of Trick or Treater figures! Each features a unique head sculpt and pumpkin pail on a shared body form inspired by the cheap but charming mass produced candy containers and toys from Halloween’s past. Cast in solid colored resin with black acrylic rub. These are the beginning of an ongoing series! (All Hallows level members receive Jack, Witch, Cat, Devil and Skull.) Each measures 4″ tall.

The Order of the Thinned Veil Title– Jason and Sam will bestow upon you a personalized title within the Order. No two are the same! (If you are a returning member you may keep your title from last year or you can request a new one.)

*The All Hallows Membership Package is broken up into three separate shipments.*


Jack O’Lantern Level

New for 2020, The Jack O’Lantern level is a exclusive platinum tier membership and is limited to ONLY 13 slots! It includes all items mentioned above plus the following:

“Captive Jackling” by Jason McKittrick – Ages ago, under the light of a summer moon, the Witch Lydia Gray crept into one of Lantern Jack’s many pumpkin patches and hurriedly seized a premature Jackling. Taking it to her dwelling and placing the diminutive little gourd creature in an enchanted glass jar, she hoped, with her arcane abilities and through consultation of the ancient “Crimson Grimoire”, to regain some of her waning life essence and cease her imminent death.*
The little Jackling proved to be a temporary source of life for Lydia but was quickly drained of its Halloween spirit. Because of the Jackling’s separation from Lantern Jack and the pumpkin patch, it soon withered and fell into a state of dormancy. Lydia eventually faded from existence and the lonely Jackling now sits inert for centuries waiting for someone to breath the life of All Hallows back into its little gnarled root body. Some say an offering of candy corn of Halloween Night may do the trick…
Cast in solid resin and individually hand painted. Comes in a hand weathered and wax sealed glass jar with attached occult symbols. (Measures 7″ tall)
*(Read the “Lore of Lantern Jack” for the full story. Available upon request.)

“That One Night We Rule” by Sam Heimer – Inked loose and playfully to match the spirit and excitement of children left to their own devices on Halloween night, that one night we are our heroes, we become our own God, play the part of the villain, laugh at death and let our inner fears run rampant, or alongside us hand in hand. The air is tinged with smoke, rotting leaves, and an odd sort of playful fear. While heavily molded by themes of Death, for a few all too brief hours, Death stands sentinel, just out of view like a doting parent, and is forgotten. For those hours we are invincible, immortal, and lords over all we haunt. 8”x10” Giclee Print on MOAB archival, acid-free, 100% cotton stock. Signed and Numbered. Limited to 13 Prints.

“Glow in the Dark Mystery Trick or Treater Figure” – A sixth Trick or Treater in our new ongoing series! Features a new head and pumpkin pail sculpt cast in glow in the dark resin. This figure will be revealed down the road.

A phone call from Jason and Sam on Halloween – That’s right! On the 31st day of October, you’ll get a call from Jason and Sam wishing you a very Happy Halloween…and perhaps a few other things. (Phone numbers will be requested at a later date.)

Personalized Halloween Card – The week of Halloween you’ll receive a personalized card from Jason and Sam. You’ve been warned!

Halloween Mystery Gift – The week of Halloween, you will be mailed a mystery gift from the OTV to ring in the greatest of all holidays! (The contents of the Halloween Mystery Gift will not be revealed beforehand and may differ slightly for each member.)


*The Jack O’Lantern Membership Package is broken up into 3 separate shipments.*


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at theorderofthethinnedveil@gmail.com

Jason McKittrick & Sam Heimer